Current Members


Alex Atanasov

Physics Graduate Student
Alex is a Physics PhD student interested in the intersection of statistical physics, neuroscience, and deep learning. He did his BS and MS in mathematical... Read more about Alex Atanasov
Hamza Chaudhry

Hamza Chaudhry

Applied Math Graduate Student
Hamza is an Applied Mathematics Ph.D. student interested in the application of artificial intelligence to complex adaptive systems, with particular focuses on... Read more about Hamza Chaudhry

Aidan Duncan

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Aidan is an undergraduate at Williams College broadly interested in mathematics and physics. He is especially interested in statistical physics and deep... Read more about Aidan Duncan

Ben Ruben

Biophysics Graduate Student
Ben is a PhD student in Biophysics interested in applying statistical physics tools to a variety of biological problems. While rotating with our group, he is... Read more about Ben Ruben

Julian Rubinfien

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Julian is an undergraduate at Yale, where he studies physics and math with an eye towards living systems. He’s particularly interested in statistical physics,... Read more about Julian Rubinfien